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Tianjin Chaobai Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales, and engineering services of audio and video products. The company has a long history of professional production of emergency broadcasting and public broadcasting, and has a team with strong technical strength, rich industry experience, and efficient research and development, production, and engineering services.

The addressable FM broadcasting emergency system based on multi-mode communication developed by the company mainly includes audio and video emergency broadcast series products in IP, TS (DTMB DVB-C), RDS, 4G, WiFi and other modes. The emergency broadcast adapter can effectively connect radio and television and various broadcast systems. It is developed and produced according to national standards, passed the inspection of authoritative institutions, and can meet the requirements of different departments, such as radio and television, public security, meteorology, land, forest, etc Due to the emergency needs of different environments, the equipment operates stably and reliably. Currently, the company's entire product line has been widely used. The emergency broadcasting platform and evaluation system developed by the company have independent intellectual property rights.

The emergency broadcasting power supply system independently developed by the company fully considers the functionality of emergency broadcasting. In the event of severe natural conditions such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, freezes, and even wars leading to power outages, the broadcasting terminal can urgently switch to solar energy (wind energy) power supply and continue to work normally, so that the emergency broadcasting system can still function effectively and truly achieve emergency broadcasting!

The emergency broadcasting vehicle developed by the company includes mobile power supply system, mobile production and broadcasting system, mobile emergency broadcasting signal generation system, on-site public address system, mobile transmission and transmission system, emergency communication system, unmanned aerial vehicle broadcasting and video transmission system, etc.

Due to concentration, professionalism, quality, integrity, efficiency, innovation, and service are the core concepts of the company. Tianjin Chaobai Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to your visit and guidance!

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